Bongeka Lwana

Director: Client Liaison, Operations & HR

Experience: 20 years
Specialization:  Client Liaison, Operations & HR


Management 90%
Analytics 75%
Consultation 53%
Engineering 61%

About Me

Director: Client Liaison, Operations & HR, Cultivation Point and cofounder Lokshin WIFI PTY LTD. Bongeka leads the ICT division at Cultivation Point. She is a senior communications professional with over twenty years of experience working in various industries across South Africa until she formed the company in 2015. Over the last few years her focus has been to pivot the company from being traditional communications agency to include an Information, Communication and Technology offering that is globally connected and competitive as a player in the continuously changing sector. Having worked for major multinational mining companies, in particular – Rio Tinto and Anglo American Platinum – for several years, she had the privilege of being exposed to working across different cultures and time zones. Through this exposure, she has cultivated a global outlook and approach to client solutions and services.

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