Koleka Lwana

Chief Executive Officer

Experience: 35 years
Specialization: Business Development

    About Me

    Business Development Director at Cultivation Point and cofounder Lokshin WIFI PTY LTD. A dynamic woman with more than 25 years of experience in various companies. She has worked and left an impact with leading brands (SAA Voyager, First Rand Group, Sanlam, Anglo American and Eqstra). Kholeka has prerequisite skills and expertise in strategic marketing, stakeholder & government relations and designing integrated communication strategies and is well versed in managing various key stakeholders with diverse priorities. She was vital in gearing the company to focus in ICT sector after leading the marketing team at Eqstra during a change of Fleet management process to Microsoft Dynamics AX. She works closely with the Presidential Commission on 4IR, the ICT Chamber, Influential Women Circle for UNICEF and Young President’s Association. To the team, she is focussed on growth strategies for Lokshin WiFi and is instrumental in forming partnerships. She comes with a high profile network and is excellent at identifying partners to pull together to create synergies; she is an expert and a natural in partnerships development.


    Management 90%
    Analytics 75%
    Consultation 53%
    Engineering 61%
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